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"This innovative, patent-pending technology is

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The following patented English writing checker automatically works with any text based application and enables your plain English sentences to become correct, professional, and impressive.

Patented grammar checker

Advanced spell checker

Unique text enrichment

Massive English dictionary

Synonyms and idioms dictionary

Translator (18 languages)

FREE writing guides (over 600)

FREE grammar lessons





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The following patented English writing checker automatically checks and corrects your grammar and spelling, and helps you write with proper punctuation. All of this, for all styles of writing - business writing, legal, medical, creative, and more.


In addition, it suggests context-based synonyms from its vast database, so you can easily enrich your plain English sentences.

Once you download and install this one-of-a-kind English writing checker, all you have to do is select a sentence, a paragraph, or even an entire document (supports all text based applications) and let it analyze your English writing.

It takes just a few seconds to detect any writing problem(s) and offer an immediate correction, whether it is a grammar, spelling or punctuation error.  

At the same time, it enables you to transform your writing style more appealing and professional by rephrasing your sentences and by offering relevant context-based synonyms.

It is highly advised to watch this quick demo video.


Practically anyone who wishes to quickly enhance, enrich and upgrade his or her English writing level - Businessmen, Executives, Lawyers, Secretaries, University and College Students, High School Students, Doctors, Technical Writers and Editors, Top Line Editors, Translators, Copywriters, English Teachers, Expert Linguists, Journalists, Advertisers, Marketing Managers, Professional Writers, Salesmen, and many others.

Installing and using this unique English writing checker is extremely easy - once you install it:


(1) Select your text.


(2) Click the F2 Button.


(3) Done!

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